About us

Who we are?

*A professional helmet manufacturer with 8 years’ experience, covering 4500㎡,50 employees.

What we do?

*We specialize in ODM&OEM of all kind of safety helmet like bike helmet, ski helmet, skate helmet etc.

*We engage in the whole process of helmet production include mould developing, producing, as well as assembling.

*We’ve participated in big projects with brands BELL CRATONI MET etc, exported to more 20 countries all over the world.

What are our advantages?

**Competitive price without sacrificing the quality.

*Sophisticated sales team, time-saving communication process.

*Fast delivery up to 25 days.

Where we located?

*1 and a half hour drive to the Shenzhen airport

*1 hour to Humen High Speed Railway Station.

*1 and a half hour to Humen Ferry to Hong Kong International airport directly.


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Contact: Feiyu Sports

Phone: 13632769610

Tel: 86 75528689416

E-mail: info@feiyusports.com

Add: Caotang Road, Dongkeng Town, Dongguan, China.